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A Music Album/Video Game Concept

This is the world of SADRUMET's  upcoming Music Album "Reverie & Spines"

Reverie & Spines : is a new way to discover music and interact with space. A fantasy, a world between dreams and reality. You will live a story and understand the essence of the Music of Sadrumet.
Website: www.sadrumet.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sadrumet
You can purchase tracks on:

Version 1.3: Halloween 

We are celebrating Halloween! So we have some new features on our world.
-A big improvement on the main character skin and movement 
-some bugs fixed.
Version 1.2:
Improving Character
Special Event: Painting and photography ExhibitionArtist:Nadia Bouallegue

Version 1.1:
<hhtml6>-Character Animation  enhanced</hhtml6>
- New Gameplay
-New target and achievement
- bug fixed
-some modifications on Main Menu 
Version 1.0 :
Chapter 1 is available with the first track
You can download it for free.
Share our links from our fan page: www.facebook.com/sadrumet to take part of the story and have a character with your own name.
Open Beta v0.8 :
-resolved some issues with fog
-Music textures in game
-credits Menu
closed Beta v0.7:
-ending video chapter1
-refining some character animations

Development log